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GAS Water Heater Installers Johannesburg

These top providers offer PRO domestic and commercial gas water heater installations and maintenance. Accredited with the LP Gas Association of SA (LPGSASA) – please check with them directly once you are in contact. You can be guaranteed that safety is their FIRST priority. Consulting and installations at the highest level PLUS they’ve been in business for multiple years.

Complete the one short form on our website and get up to 4 GAS water heater installation quotes from approved gas water heater experts in Johannesburg, saving you time and money! Our providers serve most areas in Johannesburg, Gauteng and no job is too BIG or small. Why switch to gas? It saves cash, takes you off the inconsistent grid (ESKOM) instantly and it’s excellent for our environment!

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GAS Products & Services

  • LP Gas Installations
  • LP Gas Maintenance
  • Gas Hop Installations
  • Gas Oven Installations
  • Gas Fireplace Installations
  • Gas Geyser Installations
  • Gas Heater Installations
  • Gas Water Installations
  • Gas Braais
  • Gas Heat Pumps
  • Issue of COC (Certificate Of Conformity/Compliance)

GAS Consultation on

  • GAS Line Layout
  • Cylinder Placement
  • Quantity Of Gas (Cylinders) Required
  • Inspecting Current Installations
  • Upgrades
  • GAS Installation Cost
  • GAS Installation Regulations


Q: Why do I need a registered installer? A: Firstly, for your own safety. It is also a legal requirement and it is the only person who can issue a COC. Q: Why do I need a certificate of compliance? A: For insurance purposes if you want to sell your property. Q: Where can I put my cylinders? A: 1 Meter from a door of window. This is a basic guideline only , please consult with our providers.

Brand Names

SMEG Gas Appliances, DEFY SMEG Gas Appliances, Kelvinator SMEG Gas Appliances,  Delongi SMEG Gas Appliances, Delta CT Range SMEG Gas Appliances, Zero SMEG Gas Appliances, Alva SMEG Gas Appliances, Bosch SMEG Gas Appliances, Elba SMEG Gas Appliances, Jetmaster SMEG Gas Appliances, Family fires, Whirlpool SMEG Gas Appliances, Siemens SMEG Gas Appliances and more

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